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Exotic Pylon Festival in London next month including Dekorder showcase and Black To Comm album launch party:

Black To Comm, Vindicatrix, Andrew Pekler, Sculpture, Cut Hands, Andy Stott, Cindytalk, Alexander Tucker, VHS Head....

RIP Mike Kelley.
We had been in contact just recently.....feels very strange, unreal and depressing; hollow. He was an inspiring artist and human being and he will be missed thoroughly. You should check out his musical output of the past years - it's highly original and inimitable and had been clouded by his visual art. Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni is one of my favourite records ever. He had sent over the Boogie Man CD just a few days before his death and it's a helluva fun. I'm imagining him jamming with a bunch of 6 and 7 year old kids. Chocolate, dolphins.....good times.


Iibiis Rooge are nominated for a Qwartz Discovery Award. It's a public voting process and you can vote for them here:

Qwartz Discovery Award

Iibiis Rooge are Neil Campbell of Astral Social Club and Maxime Primault of High Wolf fame (Not Not Fun, Holy Mountain).

The vote is open until 7 February 2012.

The winners of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony in Paris on 29 March 2012.


Ship Chop edit (Daniel Padden) from Daniel Padden on Vimeo.


Andrew Pekler - Close To Strangers from Andrew Pekler on Vimeo.


Ensemble Economique - To Feel The Night As It Really Is from kohnkepik on Vimeo.


Elk Cloner from Sculpture on Vimeo.

Black Oyster Tour

01.11. . . . . .NK, Berlin, DE
02.11. . . . . .Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL
03.11. . . . . .Worm, Rotterdam, NL
05.11. . . . . .h(ear), Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen, NL
08.11. . . . . .Espace B, Paris, FR
09.11. . . . . .Plattfon, Basel, CH
10.11. . . . . .Alchemia, Krakow, PL
12.11. . . . . .Nil Desperandum, Rhiz, Vienna, AT


Blinker Device from Sculpture on Vimeo.

Sculpture live dates:

23.09. Shinytoys Festival, Mülheim, DE
24.09. TodaysArt, The Hague, NL
25.09. O Tannenbaum, Berlin, DE

We're on Soundcloud now:


Datashock live at the Kuntzwerg Festival September 3, 2011, Zweibrucken, Germany. from PAS Music on Vimeo.


Datashock “Pyramiden von Gießen” Tour

Presented by Opak, testcard and No Fear Of Pop:

02.9. Köln @ Klubgenau
03.9. Zweibrücken @ Kunstzwergfestival 2011 w/ Flamingo Creatures
04.9. Stuttgart @ FFUS w/ Pretty Lightning
05.9. Amsterdam @ OCCII w/ Pretty Lightning
06.9. Den Haag @ TBA w/ Pretty Lightning
07.9. Essen @ Emokeller w/ Pretty Lightning
08.9. Bielefeld @ AJZ w/ Pretty Lightning
09.9. Berlin @ Bei Roy w/ Pretty Lightning
10.9. Bremen @ Friese w/ Pretty Lightning
11.9. Hamburg @ Flora (sunday matinee starts 15:00)


Pascal Hector / Meudiademorte

New Black To Comm podcast:

We have now reduced most of the editions down to 400 copies (sometimes 300) so some of the releases will be selling out faster than usual. We simply can't afford to rent more warehouse space (the appartment is too small) and wait for a year or three for releases to sell out. That means some people will miss on certain LP's when they sell out fast but you can always buy downloads at the usual sources (which will support the musicians and the label) or, I guess, find the music somewhere if you can't afford / don't want to buy it.

That said, I have to emphasize that all our vinyl is (and always has been) mastered & cut at Berlin's Dubplates&Mastering for highest quality.

We are down to the last 10 - 20 copies of the Datashock 2LP and the KFW/Alien Radio split is now sold out.

Same goes for Dekorder 012, 018, 030, 031, 040

Some more tour dates:

Ensemble Economique & High Wolf (1/2 of Iibiis Rooge):

06.08. Sejerø Festival, Denmark
07.08. Malmo, Sweden
11.08. Brighton, The Outer Church
12.08. London, Jonny Mugwump's Exotic Pylon at the Vortex
13.08. Cambridge, Bad-Timing

Some live dates....


09/6 DÜSSELDORF Salon des Amateurs
10/6 DÜSSELDORF Kunst im Tunnel, Human Frames Opening
17/6 INNSBRUCK Heart of Noise Festival (w/ FENNESZ, KTL.....)
24/6 SCHIPHORST Avantgarde Festival (w/ FAUST.....)


11/6 MOERS FESTIVAL, Germany
12/6 MOERS FESTIVAL, Germany

A brand new Black To Comm LP titled "Coldplay, Elvis & John Cage" is out today on the En/Of label with a signed print by Mike Kelley. It's almost sold out at the source though. Happy friday the 13th!

The 2nd edition of the Sculpture Picture-Disc is now sold out and there will be no 3rd pressing. We will be releasing a new Sculpture Picture-Disc LP titled "Toad Blinker" in a few months though. The audio part has been recorded and sounds amazing!

Sculpture will be performing their audiovisual mindfuck live at this year's edition of Mutek Festival in Montreal next month.


Austrian national radio station ORF has recently broadcasted extensive one hour features (including german language interviews with the musicians/composers and tons of sound samples) about some recent Dekorder releases. The Hanno Leichtmann broadcast is still archived for a few days:

HANNO LEICHTMANN "The African Twintowers Suite"


Stephan Mathieu Live:

May 04, Cornwall, UK
May 06, Stoud, UK
May 07, Manchester, UK
May 08, London, UK
May 09, Cambridge, UK
May 14, Saarbrücken, DE (w/ Datashock & Black To Comm)
May 29, Brussels, BE
June 09, Paris, FR

Black To Comm live at a children's birthday party in Thessaloniki, 12.03.2011:


Campbell Kneale's post-Birchville Cat Motel Project

10/2 BOURNEMOUTH Bumbles
11/2 DUBLIN The Joinery
12/2 CORK Triskel Arts Centre
13/2 LIMERICK Raggle Taggle Consortium Studios
15/2 CAMBRIDGE The Portland
16/2 NOTTINGHAM The Chameleon
17/2 NEWCASTLE Northumberland Arms
18/2 EDINBURGH Banshee Labyrinth
19/2 GLASGOW Nice N Sleazy
20/2 CARDIFF Cardiff Arts Institute
21/2 MANCHESTER Islington Mill
22/2 TAMPERE Telakka
23/2 HELSINKI Semifinal
25/2 OSLO Bla
26/2 MALMO Singsang-studion
27/2 COPENHAGEN Mayhem
04/3 PARIS Les Voutes

ALEXANDER RISHAUG Japanese Tour (w/ Phonophani and Sigbjorn Apeland)
Latest Dekorder signing from Norway

16/2 TOKYO Gift_lab
17/2 KYOTO Urbanguild
18/2 OSAKA Common Cafe
19/2 KOBE Guggenheim House
24/2 NARA Sample, White Room
25/2 NAGOYA K.D.Japon
26/2 TOKYO Soup

There's a slight delay with the new Felix Kubin and Hanno Leichtmann album releases because of test pressing issues. Both will finally be available in early February though.

Sculpture's "Rotary Signal Emitter" Picture-Disc LP in The Wire

RIP Christoph Schlingensief († August 21, 2010)


King Kong Ding Dong: Jample from sheise on Vimeo.


Black To Comm "Amateur" from Alvaro Posadas on Vimeo.


Congratulations to Felix Kubin for winning the 12th MuVi Awards with his new video "Lightning Strikes" (Director: Sönke Held) at the 56th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Watch the clip at Intro Mag:

Also check the next issue of "The Wire" magazine with Mr. Kubin on the cover (massive feature written by Momus inside). Felix Kubin's forthcoming album "Echohaus" (2LP/CD) will be released on Dekorder in September. His last album "Music for Theatre & Radio Play" is still available from us (vinyl is almost sold out though).

Finally some more details about the forthcoming Dekorder night in Den Haag:

Iibiis Rooge (aka Astral Social Club & High Wolf - 1st concert ever - debut LP on Dekorder will be available at the
Asra (Raymond Dijkstra & Timo van Luijk of Nurse With Wound, In Camera, Af Ursin, Noise Maker's Fifes)
Black To Comm

April 17, 2010 at Maakhaven, Den Haag

Datashock on tour:

Mar 13 w/ Elfenbeinturm @ Atari Leipzig, Germany
Mar 14 w/ Elfenbeinturm @ Astra Stube Hamburg, Germany
Mar 15 HELP!!!!!!!!
Mar 16 w/ Flamingo Creature & Elfenbeintum @ K4 Students Club Prague, Czech Republic
Mar 17 w/ Flamingo Creature & Elfenbeintum @ AKI Enschede, Netherlands
Mar 18 Tsunami Köln, Germany
Mar 19 w/ Flamingo Creature & Elfenbeintum @ K4 Musikverein Nürnberg, Germany
Mar 20 w/ Flamingo Creature & Elfenbeintum @ FFUS (Wagon) Stuttgart, Germany

Jul 01 Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany
Jul 03 the Avantgarde Festival 2010 Schiphorst, Germany

Superb online magazine "The Quietus" has just done an extensive feature on Wooden Veil. Check it here:

Please excuse any delays in the next few weeks. I broke my leg and have just returned from hospital. Orders will be shipped a bit slower and the new releases will be delayed for at least one month.
Unfortunately I also had to cancel several Black To Comm concerts. I am very sorry about this!

Check out the new issue of The Wire magazine for features on Raymond Dijkstra and Groupshow (Andrew Pekler/Jan Jelinek/Hanno Leichtmann).
The new Raymond Dijkstra LP "L'Opus L'H" will be out on Dekorder in about three weeks and is now available for pre-order in the mailorder section. It will be a limited edition of 300 copies so you have to act fast.
There's also a few copies left of the Groupshow 7".

This year's Voks album "Astra & Knyst" has been nominated in the Discovery category for the french Qwartz awards. It's a public voting system and you can (and should) vote for him!

It's very easy: just send an email saying you vote for «Voks: Astra & Knyst» to

You can stream the whole album from their website:


The Wooden Veil performance at the old Kindl Brewery last weekend in Berlin was a blast! I'm sure videos and photos will appear somewhere soon. It's difficult to describe the experience and words will do no justice. Anyways, a new video for "Red Sky" from the forthcoming Dekorder album is now online:

Friday November 13, 2009 A.D. 9PM
WOODEN VEIL: Album Unveiling Ceremony.
Alte Kindl Brauerei Neukölln. Werbellinstrasse 50, Berlin.

Special Guests include Rashad Becker, Kakawaka and Schneider TM.

In celebration of the release of their first album on Dekorder, they will be conducting an evening of spacial baptism upon ancient cisterns of mead… the rebirth of the red sky in the Temple of Wooden Veil.
Shrines to the future, ceremonial dress, ritual madness. Wooden Veil performances and installations in the insane future-past of the alte Kindl Brauerei. Come.

The vinyl version of the new Black To Comm album "Alphabet 1968" on Type Records is now available from Boomkat (it's Record of the Week over there):
It should be available in the rest of the world within the next two or three weeks. We already have the CD in stock and will have LP copies sometime this week.

I have recently compiled a podcast for Type Records. It's here:

The Wire magazine (UK) has recently asked me to do a 30 minute mix for their radio show on Resonance FM. It's now available for streaming or download (lo-fi mono MP3, but anyways...). More info can be found here:

Starts at around 25:22

Wave UFO, Van Oehlen, Phantom Payn, 39 Clocks, The Cocoon, Wooden Veil, Cpt. Kirk &, Workshop, Mutter, Mäuse

Machinefabriek "Dauw" video (7" coming soon!):

Felix Kubin "Orchester 2" (from Felix Kubin & das Mineralorchester "Music for Theatre & Radio Play, Dekorder 022):

We are moving to a new place next month. We need money and room for new releases. So we're giving a 50% discount (!) on all distributed titles in our Mailorder section (except for our own Dekorder releases)!!! You can simply deduct 50% from the listed prices (shipping NOT included though).

We usually only have 1 - 3 copies of each title in stock so you have to act fast.

We stock records by artists such as Kemialliset Ystavat, Aaron Dilloway, Yellow Swans, Wolf Eyes, Asmus Tietchens, Janek Schaefer, Circle, Felix Kubin, Skullflower, Hair Police, Burning Star Core, Dat Politics, Der Plan, Jazzkammer, John Hudak, Merzbow, My Cat Is An Alien , Faust, Can't, The Hafler Trio, Destroy All Monsters, Islaja, Lawrence English, Aidan Baker/Nadja, Lasse Marhaug, Mouse on Mars, Thurston Moore, Sunburned and many others....

We will add a few free CD's (of our choice) to your order as well if you wish! 1st come 1st served....

Richard Youngs
Live in Den Haag, July 19, 2009
De Kombinatie, Lange Beestenmarkt 106-108

The Alumni Column...
The new Black To Comm album titled "Charlemagne & Pippin" is out now on Digitalis Recordings. Haven't seen it yet myself though. Another (very very different) BTC album will be out on Type Records in the UK in October (26th).
Guido Möbius has recently released his great new CD "Gebirge" on Berlin's Karaoke Kalk label (vinyl hopefully following later) and Tu M's "Monochromes Vol.1" CD is available on Richard Chartier's Line Records.
The long-awaited Kuupuu Time-Lag LP/CD "Lumen Tahden" should be out next month finally!
Check our mailorder section for backcatalogue items by these fine artists (some almost sold out by now)!!!

For anyone in Berlin next Sunday (...quoting the band):

Wooden Veil: Seven fiery tongues licking sacrificial butter

Sunday June 21

performing 9pm sundown (has to be over by 10!), .

in the church courtyard, we'll be baptizing a new wolf priestess! black dusk. and new fire.

Glogauerstr. 22, just north of the canal, south of Gorlitzer... come come come,
other bands play before us, not sure who besides Motherland! ask your older step-brother and his friends, they'll know.

Felix Kubin appears on ARTE Tracks, on friday 12th of June 2009. Please check out their website for the exact starting time of the TV programme.

We are now taking pre-order for the new LP's by Richard Youngs and Voks. Both will arrive on June 19.

The new Hematic Sunsets (aka Asmus Tietchens) LP is now available in the mailorder section. Official release date will be sometime in May (along with new Voks and Richard Youngs vinyls) so it's only available from us at this moment. It's a limited edition of 500 copies in baby blue vinyl and extra thick cardboard sleeves.

Select end of year charts (borrowed from Volcanic Tongue):

JAN ANDERZEN (Kemialliset Ystavat)

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase: Glistening Inn LP
Black to Comm: Fractal Hair Geometry LP
Burning Star Core: Challenger LP
Eric Copeland: Alien in a Garbage Dump LP
Fricara Pacchu: Midnight Pyre CD
Howling Hex: Earth Junk LP
No-Neck Blues Band: CLOMEIM 2LP
Dylan Nyoukis love stream: Inside Wino Lodge LP, Dennis Tyfus split LP, Blood Stereo The Magnetic Headache CD
Multitopia LP
Sic Alps: U.S.EZ LP
Vivian Girls LP

other highlights: Uton “Straight Edge XXS” LP, Lau Nau “Nukkuu” LP, Pierced Arrows LP, Urfaust “Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos” + seeing them play live in Tampere!, Joshua Burkett “Where’s My Hat?” LP, GGD, Pumice, Astral Social Club, Ashtray Navigations, The Skaters…

PASCAL HECTOR (Meudiademorte / Datashock)

No Neck Blues Band “Clomeim” (locust)
Nautilus ” Assateague ” Cdr (vanishing voice)
Uton “Straight Edge XXS” Lp (dekorder)
Hevoset “S/T” Lp (dekorder)
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo - From Tapes & Throats LP (giant tank)
Way Of the Cross - Mind of the Dolphine lp (soundatone)
Ducktails - 7? (breaking the worlds)
Religious Knives - The Door cd (ectstatic peace)
Diamond Lemonade “Ghost Light Blanket” Cs (Imvated)
Eric Copeland - Alien In A Garbage Dump 12? (paw tracks)

Some Daniel Padden solo live dates:

Feb 21st - Glasgow, The Flying Duck
Feb 27th - Tel Aviv, Levontin 7

March 21st - Marseille (venue tbc)
March 22nd - Lyon, Grrrnd Zero

Daniel is looking to play more solo shows in the summer so if you have any ideas please get intouch.

New Black To Comm 7" is now available from Trensmat Records. Sold out at the source but you can get it from their distributors Aquarius, Thrill Jockey, Revolver, Cargo and a few retail outlets.

My Christmas present:

New website is finally online. Hopefully a bit less confusing than the old one. I will slowly add soundclips, reviews, more artist infos, videos, etc.... If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Some new and re-stocked mailorder items in our online shop:

AVARUS "Vaahtera Jäniksen Hännänkieliset Seikkailut" 7" EUR5.00
BURNING STAR CORE "Let's Play Wild Like Wildcats Do" CD EUR13.00
CAN'T "New Secret" Picture-Disc LP EUR12.00
GAMELAN SON OF A LION "The Complete Gamelan In The World" CD EUR13.00
JOHN HEGRE/HOWARD STELZER "The Boring Leading the Bored" CDR EUR7.00
MONARCH "Dead Men Tell No Tales" 2CD EUR16.00
NADJA "Desire In Uneasiness" CD EUR13.00
PRURIENT "The Black Post Society" CD EUR13.00
SILVESTER ANFANG "Spontane Opnames I: Anti-Metal ..." 1-sided C90 EUR5.00
SKULLFLOWER "Tribulation" CD EUR13.00
SKULLFLOWER "Orange Canyon Mind" CD EUR13.00
SKULLFLOWER "IIIrd Gatekeeper" CD EUR13.00
SUM OF R "s/t" CD (Utech) EUR13.00
SUM OF R "EP 1" CD-R (Hinterzimmer) EUR8.00
SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN "Locked / Loaded" 1-Sided C60 EUR5.00
THE SKATERS "Dark Rye Bread" LP EUR13.00
TROUM "Symballein" CD EUR13.00
V/A "CALIFORNIA" (Yellow Swans, Skaters, John Wiese...) 10LP-Box EUR70.00

The complete list is here...

Machinefabriek's "Dauw" album is listed among 2009's top 15 Electronica albums in The Wire and it is #6 in Boomkat's "Favourite 100 Albums for 2009". There have been many many great reviews appearing during the last year and due to enormous demand we have just done a 3rd pressing - so the CD is finally back in stock!

Guido Möbius has recently finished recording his new album "Gebirge" to be released on Berlin's Karaoke Kalk label. I am currently working on the sleeve design:

"Most beautiful record this time is probably the Hasenlove picture disk by Hamburg's Antonia Leukers (Dekorder). Primarily a visual artist, she was emboldened to stretch her brain into musical realms by a theoretical encounter with Die Todliche Doris. Her music is informed by that, but is a unique collage of sap-pop and bizarre inventions. Quite remarkable and a lovely piece of rabbity love by any stretch."
Thurston Moore & Byron Coley, "Bull Tongue", Arthur Magazine # 32

Kuupuu on Aljazeera (starts at around 4:50)!!!

There's a nice 10-page interview/overview on Dekorder's visual aspects in Adrian Shaughnessy's "Cover Art By: New Music Graphics" book (with my artwork for Un Caddie Renversé Dans L'Herbe on the cover). The book is published by Laurence King Publishing in the UK and it is now available in our online shop.