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[Hybrid Series 1-10]


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[Hybrid Series 1-10]

Pye Corner Audio
Experimental Audio Research
Leyland Kirby
Le Révélateur
Black To Comm
Kemialliset Ystävät
Ensemble Economique
Alien Radio

1-sided Hybrid-Vinyl 12" Picture-Discs

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Dekorder label we have invited some of our dearest friends and artists we admire to contribute new & exclusive recordings to a brand new series of highly limited Hybrid-Vinyl Picture-Discs. So far we have confirmations from Pye Corner Audio, Leyland Kirby, Excepter, sonic boom (of Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R.), Vindicatrix, Kemiallysät Ystävät, Ensemble Economique, Alien Radio, Black To Comm and a few lovely surprises to be revealed in the 2nd half of the year. Hybrid-Vinyl is a newly devised combination of a Picture-Disc and a regular vinyl release. The audio will be cut into the black vinyl side to utilise the superior audio quality of classic vinyl (compared to the often weaker sounding picture disc pressings).

You can now subscribe to the first 10 releases to make sure not to miss any of these gorgeous & highly limited items. For € 150.00 (including all shipping costs) you will receive ten 1-sided Hybrid-Vinyl Picture-Discs by the above artists. The first release (Pye Corner Audio) will be shipped in mid-June. Future volumes will be shipped in three bundles of three records each over the next few months. We're expecting to ship the next bundle in September with additional parcels ready approximately every two months. You will receive the records around two weeks prior to the official release dates.

The complete series will consist of 12 to 13 Picture-Discs altogether but so far we have received confirmations by 10 artists and we don't want to offer anything we can't reliably deliver so we're only offering the first 10 volumes for sale at this point. Subscribers will have a prior option to order the last 2 - 3 volumes at a very reasonable price though (we will get in touch). We're currently negotiating with some very exciting artists regarding these last few releases and if you like the confirmed artists above you will not be disappointed by what's to come.

We are planning to do runs of 300 to 500 copies depending on the popularity of the respective artists. There will be no re-press. Ever. The releases will be pressed on 12" Hybrid-Vinyl and contain 15 - 25 minutes of exclusive music.

Please understand that even though all the listed artists have confirmed their contributions and are currently working on their respective recordings and artworks (some are finished already) we cannot give a 100% guarantee that all of them will take part in the end (we're quite confident though). You will definitely receive 10 Picture-Discs. In case you are disappointed by our service at any point I'm sure we could work out a partial refund at any given time though obviously we will try to avoid any hassle. We are music fans and the label is more or less a non-profit entity so if we can make you happy with our releases and our service we will be happy as well.

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