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01. Yesterday Of Love
02. Close To Strangers
03. (They Long To Be) Misty Blue
04. Wichita Forever
05. Samba De Cherbourg (Les Parapluies De Verao)
06. Prelude To A Summer
07. Suddenly (Naturally)
08. The Twilight Of Your Smile
09. Un Vent Et Une Femme
10. Music To Sleep Walk By
11. Everybody's Raindrops
12. Moon Velvet (Shadows, Whispers, Rivers, Windmills)


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[039] GROUPSHOW "The Science (Behind Shoes)/Pet Ramp and Staircase" 7"

Sentimental Favourites

400 LPs including special edition of 50 LPs in individually designed, salvaged second hand sleeves.

Sentimental Favourites is Andrew Pekler's first album for Dekorder and his first solo release since 2009's Entanglements In The Orthopedic Sensorium. As is the case with all of his recordings, the music on this album is the result of an investigation into an abandoned genre or aesthetic trope of the past. In this case, the object of Pekler's retro-speculative archaeology is a particular strain of late 60's/early 70's easy listening which melded the sophisticated songwriting pathos of Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Webb or The Carpenters with a post-psychedelic attention to sonic detail and was exemplified by such ensembles as The Mystic Moods Orchestra, 101 Strings, late-period Santo & Johnny and countless one-off albums recorded by pseudonymous studio ensembles.

On Sentimental Favourites, Andrew Pekler attempts, without irony, to recapture the emotional sweep and sonic grain of these last innocent byways of pop history with his own signature electronic textures, loops and fragments of melody. The individual songs and interludes range in tone from wistful yearning to haunted melancholy and comprise a carefully planned sequence. Enhanced by the sounds of nature between and sometimes during the tracks, the listener is taken through a cycle of mood states which gradually condense into an immersive atmosphere of sentimental reflection. Repeated listening is recommended.

Andrew Pekler selected discography:

Nocturnes, False Dawns And Breakdowns (2004) Scape
Strings + Feedback (2005) Staubgold
Cue (2007) Kranky
Entanglements In The Orthopedic Sensorium (2009) Schoolmap

Groupshow (with Hanno Leichtmann and Jan Jelinek):
The Martyrdom Of Groupshow (2009) Scape
The Science (Behind Shoes)/Pet Ramp And Staircase (2010) Dekorder

compiled and assembled by Andrew Pekler:
Sonne=Blackbox (Voice And Tape Music by Ursula Bogner) (2011) Faitiche