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01. Command Signal
02. Belleville Springs
03. Overmodulation High
04. Cultural Construction
05. Double Throw
06. Cracklepox
07. Hedonic Hotspot
08. Inductive Strays
09. Pusher Mechanism
10. Autonomous Tantalum Multiplier
11. Tooth Lock


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[058] SCULPTURE "Toad Blinker" Picture-Disc LP

Rotary Signal Emitter
Picture-Disc LP

Sculpture is an audiovisual performance duo from London - electronic music producer, Dan Hayhurst, and animator, Reuben Sutherland. 

Sutherland ‘DJs’ with home-made zoetropic discs, intricate concentric rings of illustrated frames, projecting fragments of looping images at 33, 45 and 78 rpm - pre-Edisonian imaging technology combined with a digital video camera.

Hayhurst deploys prepared audio material (found tapes, lo-fi electronics, computer programming, and analogue noise) across 1⁄4” tape loops, hardware sampler, cassette walkman and CDJ deck.

The process is important. a kind of unstable modular collage. style. rhythm. spontaneity. input, output, and a bit in the middle called MUSIC (audible and visible) which requires the computer to be switched off.

We present here an audio video picture disc by Sculpture called Rotary Signal Emitter. It can be played conventionally or as a self contained film. It is also intended to be reusable as part of future performances. 

The music: A strange amalgam of found sounds (corresponding perfectly with the found imagery), Plunderphonics, ancient electronic music recalling the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, twisted rhythms (imagine Felix Kubin playing Dubstep), all mixed hands-on on the spot.