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01. Jample
02. A Violent Light
03. (You're the) Drone Machine
04. Here We Rest
05. Hot Train
06. The Tiniest Anything
07. Evil
08. Crisis Cycle
09. Distant Drums

10. Repetition, Flares
11. This is Not a Parade


Youth Culture Index

Limited edition of 500 copies!

After an extended period of dormancy, King Kong Ding Dong returns with their first full- length album, Youth Culture Index, recorded in various bedrooms, basements, and other amorphous dwellings over a lazy year and a half period of musical Indian summer progeny. This collection of eleven tracks incorporates pieces built around samples, guitar tunings, and field reverberations. The music within relies more on pulsing percussion and sonic textures than on lyrical content.

Using samplers, de-tuned guitars found in the trash, and stand-up drumming with random melodic percussion, Philadelphia based group King Kong Ding Dong make tribal, dreamy/nightmarish music with hints of pop. The music incorporates drone experimentation, whammy bar tone bending, and 4- track sound manipulation. The group shares members with A Sunny Day in Glasgow, but does not share the same sound, instrumentation, nor set musical concept.

These are the perfect summer jams and the CD-r release has already been made "Record of the Week" over at Aquarius Records and praised by a bunch of influential online blogs (see below). This is Rock music reduced to it’s core: euphoric, charming, effortlessly smart, unstrained, willingly unhip, and unambitious in the most positive sense, summoning echoes of Drag City-era early Pavement or a heroin-less juvenescent Royal Trux with MDMA replacing the Opiate infusions,  combined with the DIY aesthetics of several Not Not Fun and Woodsist related bands.

The group has performed with:
Ponytail, Health, High Places, The Mae Shi, Man Man, Yacht, Lucky Dragons, These are Powers, Tickley Feather, Double Dagger, Soft Circle

Recommended for fans of:
Sonic Youth, The Raincoats, Liars, This Heat, The Swirlies, Jandek, The Monks, boxes of kittens

"From Philadelphia, King Kong Ding Dong is a psychedelic band making pasteurised jams from coloured paint and rabid cartoon stencils, blending Health, Ponytail, High Places and Pocahaunted through a chipper and firing out hieroglyphic noise. Their music is smooth and ferocious, layered and curious like a wandering dog and is at times a mangled mess of degenerate electronic sounds. It's progressive and forward thinking and is an exciting addition to the world of psychedelic indie music."
Einstein Music Journal

"And what is it that they do? They craft epic pieces of psychedelic pop music- if Espers broke into Phil Spector's manor somewhere in the hills of LA, they would eventually get lost in the labyrinthine and baroque corridors of this haunted place, tired and hungry fall asleep in whichever bedroom they happened to stumble upon first, surrounded by statues of grimacing satyrs and hyeratic nymphs, and they would sleep, and they would dream of the revenants of black ghostgirls with astonishing afros shimmying across the room to the tribal stomp of a heartbreaking ballad. And when they woke up they would go back to their van, grab their instruments and make music beautiful like this. This is what they do."

"On first listen, King Kong Ding Dong's Youth Culture Index manages to hit that elusive sweet spot that roves between that which sounds sparkly and new and that which is extracted from black market Animal Collective syndicates and dispensed to college kids wholesale."
Impose Magazine

"King Kong Ding Dong is why rock still matters. Trashy beats, avant-garde melodies, and harmonicas- all can be found on their awesome self-titled debut EP. The unsigned quartet goes from Sonic Youth ("Heya") to Broadcast ("Missing Tooth") in seconds."

"Listening to the sound of Philadelphia's King Kong Ding Dong is akin to listening to an ancient civilization wake up to the modern world, pick up instruments, and go for it. Beautiful, menacing, and full of lo-fi abstraction, this debut EP from a band that shares members with A Sunny Day in Glasgow is an exciting addition to psychedelic avant-rock music. Opener "Heya" is drowned in tribal drums and guitar reverb with angelic vocals intoning the word "heya" as a mantra before it comes crashing down in horns and gorgeous noise. "Missing Tooth" combines twisted surf rock guitar lines with vocal harmonies speaking some kind of alien language all the while twinkling like a Hawaiian sunset. A haunting and breathtaking piece of art from a band you are guaranteed to keep hearing about."
Under the Radar