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01. Parade mit Grooms
02. Hoffnung der Frauen (nach O.K.)
03. Schuldige Scheitel
04. Junge Rümpfe
05. Kopf geben
06. Tristesse aromatique
07. Kleiner Stein
08. Eskapaden am Tischtelefon
09. Bei der Notdurft zu hören
10. Am Nullpunkt
11. Mayotte
12. Im Bett auf Pepita
13. Wir tanzten mit Bisley (für O.B.)


Aroma Club Paradox

Hematic Sunsets is an alias (an anagram to be exact) for German Soundartist Asmus Tietchens from Hamburg. Tietchens is a self taught artist with more than 50 LP and CD releases on numerous labels (Nurse With Wound’s United Dairies, Sky Records, the Mille Plateaux sub-label Ritornell, Staalplaat, Selektion, recent albums on Richard Chartier’s Line label and a massive reissue series on Die Stadt, to name but a few). His solo works are mainly concerned with the manipulation of concrete sounds and (most recently) pure sine waves (on his Mengen series) and their placement (assemblage?) in time and space.

While his solo efforts are often austere formal works (yet never lacking a twisted humour),Hematic Sunsets is a different beast altogether. Reminiscent of his Sky-era attempts with rhythm and melody, the Aroma Club series is Tietchens warped, almost parodic (per)version of lounge music. Each record of the series is based on the sounds and rhythms of one particular (preferredly cheap) organ/keyboard, usually a Yamaha product (this time it’s the PSR 36). While the last Club LP was recorded with several guests (Felix Kubin, Michael Rother...) and the 2007 X-mas 7“ was a collaboration with long-time “producer“ Okko Bekker, “Aroma Club Paradox“ is another solo effort (collaborating with several fictitious anagrams/characters though).

The result is a timeless and completely unique take on muzak using cheap keyboard sounds usually associated to drunk wedding bands or your grandmother’s home organ family music. Tietchens elaborately transforms the cheesy associations into cold, bloodless, almost unhuman pop tunes totally lacking the sensationalism and pseudo-fervour of most music, especially modern pop music.