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01. Skelet togt
02. Hottenslot
03. Kap nakken hak hak hak
04. Tuuie
05. Flaterne kommer
06. Hest i hul
07. Kaks
08. Ankergang
09. Klarina
10. Obo omo


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[033] VOKS "Astra & Knyst" LP
[010] VOKS "Darkvaks" 3"CD

Vaks Vanskab Ak

Voks has previously released his music on an Ed Davenport 12" and comp, the Xart Hybrid comp, as part of the Goodiepal's Goodiebag/Demonbag 7" series on V/VM and via the website.

Voks grew up in a remote village near a big forest north of Copenhagen, Denmark. When not wandering the forests alone Voks composed music with his familys mac, taperecorders and various instruments found in toyshops and around his familys house.

As Voks left his instruments in his childhood home when moving to Copenhagen in the early 90s he started focusing on computer programming and delve into obsessive compulsive patterns. Voks was forced to set notes and code in strict order every night before going to sleep and as his music got more and more disciplined Voks became a big mess.

Though releasing music and playing concerts with people from the techno scene Voks never really became a part of this. Voks is obsessed with synthrock acts as found on labels like ReR, AAYA Disques, Ata Tak, Ralph Records, Crammed Disc... which can thus be considered as a source of inspiration for his own musical work.

Voks has for many years been programming computers to make them take over his illness to set himself free. Some succes in his project can be traced and Voks is now a fairly happy boy while his music sadly is in deep trouble.